Besides the projects for commercial fish and shrimp farms FutureFish Aquaculture plans facilities for research institutes that are working with aquatic species.

The laboratories are used both for aquaculture related experiments and for the husbandry of all stages of fish for experiments within the fisheries biology sector.

We can bring in the expertise from several years of employment as senior assistant in R&D projects in the Universities of Kiel and Hamburg combined with the engagement in aquaculture. This makes us a qualified partner for the planning of new institutes and laboratories.

In the recent projects FutureFish Aquaculture covered all steps in the project development in cooperation with engineering companies that covered the planning of the building equipment and appliances. Projects for governmental clients follow the regulations of the VOB – the German regulations for procurements and contracting civil engineering.

Selection of topics
• Intensive discussion with the user to find out their needs
• Design of facilities and equipment
• Planning of facility with drawings and interface plans
• Compilation of call for tender
• Supervision of construction phase
• Commissioning, documentation

Over the past few years, FutureFish has delivered R&D facilities for some of the renowned institutions in Germany (see Aquaculture projects – governmental).
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