FutureFish offers a broad spectrum of consultation services to support both private and institutional customer with a keen interest in modern Aquafarming. This includes our involvement from the first concept design to the start-up of the operation.

Our key expertise covers all aspects of intensive, land-based fish and shrimp farming in closed Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Our clients will profit from over 30 years of practical experience in farm operation and the knowledge from past European and overseas projects for hatchery, nursery, on-growing and research facilities.

Each RAS farm is custom-designed with considerations on the farm lay-out, the choice of materials, flow hydraulics and design of tanks and components according to the species to be farmed for both fresh and marine environments. For marine species we focus on their higher requirements for water quality to ensure good growth and all-time animal welfare.

FutureFish offers concepts for marine hatcheries for fish and shrimps based on many years of operating the only marine hatchery for turbot in Germany.

The following species have been successfully farmed in RAS systems designed by FutureFish.

Further species are under examination.

Guidelines for Project Development

Pre-Project Activities
The first step from idea to a farm is a feasibility study. This includes identifying a preliminary lay-out, species specific stocking plans, media (energy, heat, water) consumption data and budgeting the production costs. We also offer assistance in evaluating the quality of water resources, specific funding programs and markets.

Engineering Phase
During the quotation phase, the first conceptual design of the RAS farm is developed. The biological and technical planning, including the hydraulic calculations and the selection and sizing of the farm, are documented in process diagrams, civil works drawings and 3D CAD models.

Realization of Projects
During the construction phase, we coordinate and supervise all construction works in close cooperation with the building contractors and sub-supplier. In turn-key projects, several components will be from our own design and manufacturing. For all other equipment and services, we choose experienced and approved suppliers and partners. After successful commissioning, we support our customers during the start-up phase where necessary. Besides comprehensive technical manuals, we include training and education of our customers’ designated staff in our farm operations.

Support of Existing Farm Operations
For older aquaculture facilities, we offer to run a due diligence study to find
out how a re-engineering with more efficient technologies and how the
optimizing of the lay-out can result in an increase in the production output
and an improved profitability of the operation.