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Date: 19.01.2021 // Yesterday this very interesting article about the Bluehouse on Helgoland was published (German only). FutureFish is planning the new filter and water treatment facilities for all aquaria // go to article about the Bluehouse

Welcome to FutureFish Aquaculture

With over 30 years of experience, FutureFish Aquaculture provides design consultancy
for land-based recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) for marine and fresh water species.
The FutureFish Aquaculture technology is applicable to both commercial production
and institutional research and education.

FutureFish Aquaculture offers all phases needed to develop turnkey projects
and also the re-engineering and conversion of existing traditional farms
by implementing customized equipment.

The first step towards your own RAS farm is to start a detailed pre-project study with us.
Once the results of this individual and customized study are in hand
you are all set to go ahead with your project.

Recirculation Aquaculture System(RAS)
The key expertise of FutureFish Aquaculture is its specific know-how in designing and operating intensive, land-based RAS farms for fish and shrimp with integrated water treatment systems.
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Intensive Shrimp Production
FutureFish developed and applied a revolutionary indoor shrimp farm system based on RAS technology. The idea was to produce tropical shrimps in biosecure, in-door facilities even under northern climatic conditions.
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Aquaponic System
Aquaponics is the combination of fish farming with horticulture in greenhouses using the nutrient rich effluent water from the fish for the cultivation of the plants (in soil-less conditions).
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Research Facilities
The future of fish farming needs skilled personnel. FutureFish has planned aquaculture research facilities and aquaria systems for all renowned governmental and University institutes in this field in Germany.
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Experience since 1985

The quality of FutureFish Aquaculture stems from the experience it distills from more than 3 decades of research work, practical fish farm operations
and the feedback from past local and overseas projects for hatchery, nursery and grow-out aquaculture.
FutureFish Aquaculture is synonymous with sustainable production processes to farm high-quality products along with sound economic viability for our clients.