July 2021 // by Friederike Quantz

Impressions from Stralsund

Graphic: G. Quantz

We have taken some pictures at the building site at the Deutsche Meeresmuseum in Stralsund for you. It looks different every day. Have a close look on the construction sign at the Deutsche Meeresmuseum in Stralsund – maybe you can spot us?

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January 2021 // by Friederike Quantz

The Meeresmuseum Stralsund on YouTube

In November 2020 the Meeresmuseum in Stralsund, Germany will close for extensive refurbishment. FutureFish is involved in the conception and rebuilding of the filter technology for the aquaria.

To shorten the time until it will re-open, the Museum has launched a series of very interesting short videos.

December 2020 // by Friederike Quantz

Deutsches Meeresmuseum Stralsund

Projection of the new reef aquarium (Graphic: Reichel Schlaier Architects)

The MEERESMUSEUM in the old town of Stralsund was opened more than 60 years ago. In 2020 it closed for extensive modernisations: among others a redesigned entry foyer and new room-high vitrines with life-sized installations of marine animals in the exhibition halls of the former Katharinen Monastery. The centre piece will be a new impressive aquarium showing a 10m high reef. All aquaria in the historic monastery vaults will be replaced by new tanks and technically updated to the latest standards. 

FutureFish is planning the new filter and water treatment facilities for all aquaria, ranging from 100 to 600.000 litres capacities and will supervise and conduct the installation until the re-opening planned for spring 2023.

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June 2020 // by Gerrit Quantz

Helgoland Aquarium

New Bluehouse Building (Visualisation: Studio KLV)
New Aquarium (Graphic: Studio KLV)

In 2015 the Helgoland Aquarium had to close, because the basic structure of the building had been so affected by the saltwater that the steel construction was not safe anymore. Due to economic reason a new building is planned on the original site and with the original layout. The new building with its exhibition rooms and integrated aquaria will take up features of the original building.

The innovative and interactive exhibition in the new building will show the history of the island Helgoland, its marine ecosystem and some of the research topics of the AWI in this field. One of the main attractions will be a large show aquarium holding about 85.000l water, showing the typical habitat of the island foundation of Helgoland. There will also be some smaller aquaria as well as a jellyfish carousel. FutureFish is planning the treatment and distribution of the saltwater within the buildings as well as the filter systems for the aquaria. As a special feature the aquaria can be operated with untreated North Sea water to replicate the natural habitat.

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February 2020 // by Gerrit Quantz

FutureFish featured in Aquaculture Asia Pacific

At our booth at the EAS Conference in Berlin

Thank you, Zuridah, for this very nice article featured in Aquaculture Asian Pacific Magazine. The interview was taken at the EAS Exhibition in Berlin, Germany.

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August 2020 // by Gerrit Quantz

New Seawater Laboratories for Polar Research at AWI Bremerhaven planned

FutureFish will plan the filter equipment for the new research facilities at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar Research at Bremerhaven. In a new building 3 temperature constant rooms with individual water recirculation systems will be installed. The temperature can be set as low as – 2°C to keep fishes and aquatic animals that are brought back from expeditions to northern and southern polar regions. We will provide all steps of the planning, preparation of tender and supervision of installation.

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December 2018 // by Gerrit Quantz

Fish Farm Feeder system installed at Swiss Shrimp farm

A central feeding system by FISH FARM FEEDER has been installed at Swiss Shrimp AG in Rheinfelden, Switzerland.

The central feeder with 3 silos serves 48 feeding points in the raceways. Approx. 5.000 meter of PE pipes had to be installed in the farm.

October 2018 // by Gerrit Quantz

Swiss Shrimp AG in full operation

Swiss Shrimp AG, Rheinfelden

The latest aquaculture project, the shrimp farm for Swiss Shrimp AG at Rheinfelden Switzerland is in full operation. After 13 month of construction the 2nd production hall has been stocked with PLs.

At the same time the shrimp from the first section are already marketed and exceeded all expectations in terms of quality and taste. See the enthusiastic reports of chefs in Switzerland at

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August 2018 // by Gerrit Quantz

Project Thünen Institute completed

The new building of the Thünen Institute in Bremerhaven, Germany was opened with a ceremony. It also accommodates the Institute for Fishery Ecology. FutureFish was involved in the planning of the aquaculture research facilities in 3 climatized rooms with 3 RAS and 1 Flow-Through system. For FutureFish the project is now completed, and we wish everyone at the Institute all the best for future projects in Bremerhaven.

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January 2018 // by Gerrit Quantz

New Office

We are looking forward to meeting you in Buesum

FutureFish has a new office space! We are happy to announce that we are moving in with mariCube in Buesum, Germany.

mariCube is the first economy and science park in Germany that is dedicated to small and medium enterprises of marine biotechnology and aquaculture origins and their affiliates. Currently it harbours companies that work on micro algae production, agriculture studies and LCA evaluations of aquaculture production. Main tenants are the GMA – Society of marine aquaculture with their Research facilities for marine Aquaculture and ALLER AQUA with a facility for fish feed testing.

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